The following is a brief summary of the services that we would offer in the course of a typical project. It is not an exhaustive list and may be varied to suit the requirements of a particular client or project.



Pricing for work depends on the type of project and the quantity of work involved. It can take the form of percentage based fees, lump sum quotation or hourly rates although the basis of all fees is normally agreed prior to commencement.


Brief Writing

Prior to any design work, we formulate a Design Brief that summarises the needs of the client as we understand them. It evolves from premises surveys and  discussions with the client and any other stakeholders.


Design Proposals

Through a series of meetings and consultations, the design is developed in increasing detail until it reflects the requirements set out in the Design Brief.


Design Visualisation

Two-dimensional drawings are an effective way of communicating some types of information but they are not always good at showing how something will actually look. We use a variety of media such as models and computer-generated imagery to help to show how the completed building will actually look and feel.


Design Team Appointment

The design and construction process requires a number of different consultants such as engineers, quantity surveyors and planning supervisors. We can explain and organise all of these as necessary.


Liaison with Local Authorities

Key stages of the process are the Planning Application and the Building Control Application to the Local Authority. We would submit and manage these applications and, if necessary, we can assist with pro-active public relations exercises such as displays for local residents and client bodies.


Production Information

Once the design is complete and agreed, we work with the other consultants to prepare a highly detailed, comprehensive set of information that explains the construction of the building. This forms the basis on which costs for the work are sought.


Contractor Lists and Tendering

We recommend that formal tenders for the work are obtained from between 4 and 6 building contractors to ensure competitiveness in the costs. We can manage this process and assist in the selection of contractors.



After the selection process, the successful contractor is appointed to carry out the construction using a formal building contract. We manage, or administer, this contract through to completion to ensure that the building is delivered faithfully to its original design intent.



After completion, there is a defects liability period of 6 or 12 months where minor defects are given a chance to come to light. We stay involved until the end of this period and manage the assessment and settlement of the “Final Account”.