This area of work is a particular specialism of the practice. The proprietor, Aidan Simpson, has over a decade of experience in the sector having worked with Grant Maintained, Foundation, Voluntary Aided, Community and Private Schools on projects ranging from small extensions up to whole schools and strategic initiatives covering several schools at a time. He has designed nurseries, foundation stage units, primary schools and secondary schools as well as Sure Start and Children's Centres.


In addition to the standard architectural services that we offer (click Services on the home page) we can prepare Premises Development Plans (PDPs). A PDP is a key, strategic part of the building process and an important part of the DfES' latest school design guidance documents (Building Bulletins 98 & 99). It can be prepared pro-actively by a school to support applications for capital funding, or used to decide how to spend funding that is already secured. A PDP is an assessment of the existing layout and condition of the school against an ideal “as new” level of provision, which identifies any building work that ought to be carried out. This work is prioritised in terms of urgency and effectiveness to assist with the allocation of funds. Too little space will not allow the school to deliver its services but too much can be a burden on cleaning, maintenance and energy budgets.

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